Me, my blog and I

Hi! My name is Hans and I’ve been living in Utrecht for almost 20 years. Although not a ‘native’ Utrechter I totally like this compact, vibrant and historical city in the heart of the Netherlands. And I’m happy to share it with you.

I travel a lot and whenever there is a new destination on the horizon I prepare by reading travel guides for the highlights and must-sees. But most of all I search the internet for local blogs and scour Twitter to find insider tips on which tourist traps to avoid, where to best spend a sunny afternoon, where the locals go for diner and where to sip the best coffee in town.

And most of the times the real highlights of my trips turn out to be those special places shared by local people. This inspired me to start my Utrecht blog. To be a helpful guide and to share those tips that you hopefully will remember as one of your highlights of your stay in Utrecht.

Lonely Planet?

Everybody reads the Lonely Planet, luckily for you not everybody reads my blog (yet) 😉 So if you want to see more of Utrecht than the standard 'top 10' lists mentioned in every travel guide, explore my blog and discover the hidden highlights of Utrecht. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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